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9 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Law Firm with Apple Maintenance in 2019

  • Reinvent your Mac management approach
  • Learn the mistakes law firms make with Apple and third-party software updates and maintenance
  • Reduce IT fees by cutting down on tech issues and downtime with simple approaches you never learned
  • Adopt the strategies we developed supporting Mac-using law firms for over 11 years

9 Downtime Causing Mistakes Attorneys Make With Their Macs

Read this report to learn how to stop wasting hours trying to deal with frustrating yet avoidable IT problems.

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"Prior to using GlobalMac IT’s BasicCare tools, we constantly found ourselves running our own updates, sitting at the computer, hoping an update would not cause a bug-filled nightmare. We lost plenty of money on employees wasting hours trying to deal with IT problems, rather than helping our clients."

Jason Savage
COO of the Law Office of Kenneth E. Berger, LLC

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